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As a composer for film, TV and theater, Andre has scored numerous films including the acclaimed doc "Afghan Stories" and the soon to be released feature film, "Heather"… as well as countless cues for TV, including the theme music for the TV series "Haven", and recently a blues track for the Showtime series "Your Honor", starring Brian Cranston. 

His recent work includes a series of Kikkoman spots, as well as scoring all 13 episodes for "The Lovely Dark podcast", for which he also directed the season's final episode, "A Cosmic Misunderstanding", starring Ellen Burstyn.

Andre's theatrical work has included productions with Oscar winners, Philip Seymour Hoffman, John Patrick Shanley and Ellen Burstyn, as well as Pulitzer winner Stephen Adly Guirgis. 

In the early 2000s, Andre worked as in house producer at the former Skyline Studios NYC (Madonna, Steely Dan, Miles Davis, Eric Clapton, etc…) where he produced records for the NY indie scene.

Classical and orchestral works consist of two symphonies, a concerto for World Instruments and Orchestra, numerous shorter and chamber pieces, and currently, an opera written in Old English based on the 10th century Queen Æthelflæd of Mercia.

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My approach: My number one goal is to serve the thing at hand. My philosophy is that the creative process is as much an act of discovery as it is an act of expression. A discovery of voice, of potential, of new directions, and it is, in fact, through this act of discovery that the artist enhances his or her range of expression.


Every project has its own needs. It is not a blank canvas. It comes to me with a life and a direction of it's own and a need for fulfillment. My number one job is to find what the "thing" needs and what it wants to be and to help it come to fruition. In finding that, and in serving that to its fullest, expression becomes inevitable.




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